About Heavy Horns

We are an Outfitter Company in Sonora Mexico dedicated to hunting with 8 years of serving our clients and committed to caring for our environment.  We have more than 15 ranches with more than 100,000 hectares (24,710 acres) distributed throughout Sonora Mexico. We offer hunts for  Trophy Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, White-tailed Deer, and Turkey hunts.   Our purpose is to provide an unforgettable hunt for our clients, and memories that will last forever.

 We take great pride in our ranches and are known for the quality of trophies we harvest each year.  The locations and stunning beauty of them provide our clients with an exceptional experience. 

 When you come to Sonora you will find yourself with difficult and unique terrain.  With the best sunsets and a pleasant climate in winter.  We are the best option if you are looking for 100% free-range hunting trips in Mexico.

 We can provide many references from past hunters that can attest to the quality of our ranches and the quality of trophy animals on them.   

 Our goal will be for you to have an amazing hunt and harvest a great trophy animal and enjoy the best that the state of Sonora and its people have to offer.

 Our vision is to be positioned as the number 1 hunting company in Sonora, serving a number of untapped hunters in our ecosystem.  We are not the only ones but we are the best.

What do we do differently?

 When managing our ranches we utilize the expertise of veterinarians as well as biologists to help us manage our herds and genetics.  Our supplemental feeding program of the diet of the animals is not much different from the natural food sources, we give grass such as alfalfa, raisins, cotton, orange, etc.  This not only helps with nutrition but as an attractant also. 

 Our feeding methods have been utilized here in our state for many years, due to the drought conditions we normally face. 

 It is important to say that our ranches do not have high fences. 

 Hunting in Sonora Mexico is easier than you think.

A lot of hunters have doubts if it is convenient and safe to come and hunt Sonora Mexico, and the answer is yes.  Most of our hunters are surprised from the moment they arrive at the airport. 

 We have a private airport in the city of Hermosillo as well as an international one.  We are only a one-hour flight from the city of Phoenix AZ by American Airlines.  When you arrive, the people from the airport will attend to you in the best way and speed for the processing of your weapons.  From there you are ready to go in search of your trophy.

 Departing from Hermosillo is just as easy.

 If your arrival is by land through the border with Nogales Arizona to Nogales Sonora, we will already be waiting for you with all the paperwork for your weapons so that it is an easy and fast entry to the country.

 What about my trophy?

 Your trophy will remain in the hands of one of the best taxidermists cleaning your skin or it may be that it will be sent home already assembled as the client requests.

 It is necessary to do this step with the taxidermist so as not to have problems with the authorities when entering the trophy to the USA, all this will depend on the state in which you live.  Now that the skin and horns of your trophy are ready, we have the person who will export the horns to the door of your house.  All this can take from one to two months, this due to the times of pandemic that we currently live.

 Our camps

  In Sonora, we distinguish ourselves as being a cattle and agricultural state.  So while hunting with us you will stay in a traditional ranch house with all the modern amenities, along with our traditions and history from past generations.  It is simply amazing.  We also have hunts with camping in tents with all services if the client so wishes.