Bighorn Sheep Hunts

We have exclusive areas for hunting the Desert Sheep in the upper mountains of the Sonoran desert, next to the sea of cuts and on ranches near the border. All of them with 100% free range sheep in their totally natural area. These ranches are cared for by both us and our government, doing everything in our power to conserve and protect the species.

The quality of our sheep is amazing, just knowing the areas where they live is a privilege. Seeing those herds of sheep so big and so healthy is unbelievable. Our quality is protected as I said earlier by our government, that if you kill an animal of the size not allowed it punishes you for the next few years without being able to hunt in those areas. We take this business very seriously. Our sheep minimums are 160″ and up which is the legal ram to hunt here.

Our camps and houses have all the basic services such as hot water, baths, rooms for hunters.  Internet is available in most camps but not all.  You will experience excellent meals during your stay. 

Trophies are carefully treated after the harvest.  After harvesting your Trophy Sheep it will be carefully skinned then taken to Mexican Authorities to measured and recorded, then they will place a pin in the sheep that is needed for exporting the animal out of Mexico and into the Untied States or any other country.   After getting the sheep inspected another export procedure will begin that usually lasts about two months for the whole export procedure to be completed.  The skin and horns are left in the care of an expert taxidermist during this stage until it can be sent by the exporter to its final destination.  


Our guides are highly trained to be able to judge maroon sheep. They really know the area and know where trophy sheep live and how to find them.    This isn’t an easy hunt at all. The terrain is extremely difficult that will put your hunter skills to the limit. Our guides will work diligently to get you a shot opportunity on a trophy sheep.  

Bighorn Sheep Gallery